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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New NCBC Publication Released!

The National Catholic Bioethics Center is proud to announce the release of its newest publication: Elio Cardinal Sgreccia's monumental work, the Manuale di bioetica, under the English title, Personalist Bioethics: Foundations and Applications. Three years of labor have reached fruition in this first English-language translation of Cardinal Sgreccia's landmark bioethical treatise.

Personalist Bioethics advances "ontologically grounded personalism" in bioethics, that is, ethics built through reason upon the objective value and dignity of every human person. This is an approach that goes beyond any specific religious perspective and invokes human reason, calling us to reflect on the intimate meaning of human existence and the environment in which we live. It presupposes a metaphysics that is rationally grounded in philosophy and anthropology and has a broad range of ethical applications.  Sgreccia developed this philosophical approach in response to the cultural context in which bioethics arose in the United States.  This internationally renowned book will be of value to professors of bioethics and their students, members of ethics committees, connoisseurs of bioethics, and experts in any related area, be it law, philosophy, or health care. The National Catholic Bioethics Center invites everyone to explore this seminal work. These pages will provide readers with a discussion of the basic contours of personalist bioethics, with comparisons of personalism to other philosophical positions, and with investigations of particular ethical topics ranging from genetic engineering to euthanasia.

The work was translated from the Italian by our very own John A.Di Camillo and by Michael J. Miller.

I will soon have the pleasure interviewing John Di Camillo. We will talk a bit about his time at The Center and, particularly, about the themes and concepts at play in this excellent NCBC publication, so stay tuned to learn more!

Doesn't that look like the kind of book that belongs on your shelf? 
You can get it now at The NCBC Store

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