The Mission of The National Catholic Bioethics Center is to promote and safeguard the dignity of the human person, thereby sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ and his Church. This is accomplished through research, education, consultation and publication in the health and life sciences.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center strives to be an effective resource and positive force in the Church and society for promoting and safeguarding respect for the dignity of each human being from conception until natural death by helping those involved in health care to understand how the moral teachings of the Church apply to developments in health care and the life sciences.

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  1. http://www.pop.org/content/natural-family-planning

    I read this on the website of Population Research Institute:

    “While hormonal contraceptives significantly reduce the likelihood of ovarian and endometrial cancer, they also greatly increase the risk of other forms of cancer, including breast cancer and cervical cancer.”

    Does this mean that if a couple doesn’t use hormonal contraceptives the wife is more likely to contract ovarian and endometrial cancer? If intercourse without artificial contraception was natural – God planned – how could it bring about a negative outcome?

    I have also read that women who haven’t born a child have a higher risk for breast cancer – once again how does this reconcile with the Catholic Church encouraging girls to become consecrated virgins?


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