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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Praying for Benedict and Remembering His Legacy

As Benedict, who delivered his final address and held his last audience this morning, prepares to step down it seems appropriate to consider a wonderful memory from Dr. Haas regarding His Holiness. As The NCBC's President recounts this story, it provides a direct look into the warm, loving, paternal nature Benedict embodied; part of a deep and loving personality that many witnessed today as Benedict said farewell.

Please listen to and enjoy Dr. Haas's brief story (and the photograph of the encounter) below.
And pray, as we all will, for Benedict and for his successor.

Viva il Papa!

Click HERE to download or stream the story.
Please forgive the brief cellphone noise at 1:00.

Dr. Haas (Left) meets with Monsignor Jean Laffitte (Center)
Cardinal Elia Sgreccia (Center-Right) and Pope Benedict XVI (Right).

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