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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The NCBC Assists in challenging proposed Physician Assisted Suicide Bill

The NCBC Assists the Connecticut Family Institute in challengingproposed Physician Assisted Suicide bill in the Connecticut Legislature.
Dr. Marie T. Hilliard, Director of Bioethics and Public Policy for the NCBC and also Chair of the Ethics/Public Policy Committee of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD), assisted the Connecticut Family Institute in securing expert testimony against the proposed physician assisted suicide bill at a hearing of the Connecticut Public Health Committee.  She arranged for, and accompanied Professor Stephen Mikochik, NCPD Board member and Past Chair, as he offered his phenomenal expertise of disability law, as it pertains  to bias and discrimination, in response to this proposal.  Professor Mikochik provided his testimony pro bono, in response to a request from the Connecticut Family Institute, which gathered a diverse panel of disability advocates and health care providers to demonstrate this veiled attack on vulnerable populations under the guise of compassion.  Professor Mikochik's testimony clearly identified the threats to all persons, particularly those with a disabling condition, as well as those with a terminal diagnosis. He was accompanied by Dr. Hilliard, who was present to answer any clinical questions should they arrive.  However, Professor Mikochik was so brilliantly clear about provisions in the bill, that even the proponent of the bill could not respond.  It was reported by Connecticut Capitol observers that Professor Mikochik's testimony was a bellwether event.
You can read more about that testimony HERE
A decision was set to be made about the bill by the end of last week. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that the bill, after stagnating and going without a vote, is gone for sure. For now.
The NCBC works hard to fight attacks on human life in our country. At a time when life is assaulted and tragically violent acts are carried out against our fellow man, The National Catholic Bioethics Center takes up its mission with even greater vigor as it works against the tacit approval of violence and evil that goes unnoticed or masked as 'justice' or 'policy' in our government and our society. While we cannot be physically present in Boston or Newtown, or in every place where violence is done in our world, we hope that through prayer, vigilance, and action, the NCBC can help, in its own way, by fostering and defending the Culture of Life in the United States. 
All our prayers go out to the people of Boston, and to those who suffer violence daily. The NCBC wants the world to know that The Center vows to protect and uphold all human life as sacred.

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