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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The NCBC Helps Organize Bioethics Conference in Cuba

The National Catholic Bioethics Center helped to organize, fund and participate in a Catholic bioethics conference in Havana, Cuba on May 17th and 18th. NCBC President,  Dr. John Haas, serves on the board of the International Federation of Bioethics Centers and Institutes of Personalist Inspiration (FIBIP) founded by Cardinal Elio Sgreccia.  The Cuban conference was organized under the sponsorship of FIBIP in collaboration with the Pope John Paul Bioethics Center in Havana under the leadership of Dr. Renee Zamora.  The Center raised $25,000 to help underwrite the costs of the conference and Dr. Haas prepared a paper entitled: The Common Good, Pragmatism, and Contemporary Bioethics which was translated into Spanish for his delivery by Father Alfred Cioffi, a Senior Fellow at The National Catholic Bioethics Center.

You can read a copy of Dr. Haas's paper, HERE.

A leér en Español, tecleo AQUI.

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