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Friday, October 11, 2013

The NCBC Completes Incredibly Successful Series of Annual Seminars in Health Care Ethics

It was a spectacular year for the National Catholic Bioethics Center's annual Seminar in Health Care Ethics. The venues were excellent, the speakers prepared, and the attendees professional and congenial in every way. More than this, both seminar locations, New Orleans and Philadelphia, were entirely SOLD OUT this year.

These seminars, help September 6-7 and September 20-21 this year, are one of the mainstays of the NCBC's annual programming. The seminars provide an unparalleled learning opportunity in bioethics for all professionals, lay and religious, and they serve as a starting point (or in some cases, a conclusion) for those enrolled in the year-long Certification Program in Health Care Ethics.

A great deal of effort goes into the preparation for the event, and many hands at the NCBC helped to make the work light.

Executive Vice President of the NCBC, Deacon John Hunter, and his assistants were instrumental in ensuring the success of the program, particularly when it came to creating the seminar booklet and materials and guaranteeing that the professionalism and organization of the Center would permeate the overall tone of the events.

NCBC Executive Vice President, Deacon John Hunter (far left)shown here Dr. Marie Hilliard at the Philadelphia Seminar

The seminar booklets were just one part of the many materials NCBC staff prepared beforehand


Books for sale, posters, and promotional material in Philadelphia.


Entrance to the Philadelphia Seminar (down right). Main foyer of 

the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Pastoral Center shown.

Registration for the Seminar was prepared and run by Julie Kelley (far right)

The seminars covered a full range of ethical topics this year. The NCBC ethicists gave gripping presentations on contraception, sterilization, stem cell research, reproductive technologies, cooperation with evil, end of life care, sexual assault protocol, and much more.

 Dr. John Haas gives an introduction to Catholic bioethics


Father Tad and Dr. Ted Furton look on as Dr. Haas gives his presentation.

             Dr. Ted Furton speaking on End-of-Life care.

Dr. Marie Hilliard speaking on Ethical Approaches to 

Complications Encountered Before and After Birth


Father Tad Pacholczyk speaking on the ethics of stem cells 
and reproductive technologies

The presentations were powerful and provided ample fodder for discussion afterward.




82 people attended the program in New Orleans, while Philadelphia saw 75 attendees!

New Orleans Seminar, 2013

Dr. Marie Hilliard addresses the group at the New Orleans Seminar

The New Orleans Seminar concluded festively with a small party held at the home of the Seminar's most generous host (and NCBC Board Chairman) the Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans.

The beautiful Archbishop's Residence in New Orleans, Louisiana

NCBC Staff with Archbishop Aymond
(From Left): NCBC Ethicist, Father Tad Pacholczyk; Staff Ethicist, John A. Di Camillo; NCBC President, Dr. John Haas;
Chairman of the NCBC Board, the Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans; NCBC Executive Vice-President, John K. Hunter; NCBC Ethicist and Director of Public Policy, Dr. Marie Hilliard

The NCBC was further blessed to have a handful of sponsors for the seminars. We are incredibly grateful to all those who sponsored our event. You can see their logos below:


All in all, it was a successful and laudable seminar series this year!

If you are interested in attending the NCBC Seminar in Health Care Ethics next year, or, are just curious to see what you missed, you may view a copy of the speaking schedule for New Orleans, HERE and for Philadelphia, HERE.

Hope to see you next year!

Seminars 2013

Happy Friday!

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