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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The National Catholic Bioethics Center Supports the Success of Its Colleague Matthew Hanley

The National Catholic Bioethics Center extends its deepest congratulations to scholar Matthew Hanley, M.P.H., for the monumental success of his recent presentations at the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) 2013 Conference in Santa Barbara. Mr. Hanley, whose early work has been both supported and published by the NCBC, received two standing ovations from over 500 physicians at the CMA seminar in response to his presentations on The Common Element of Failures to Curb Malaria, AIDS, and Maternal Mortality and the Principles of Catholic Social Justice Applied to the AIDS Epidemic: The Africa Experience.

Matthew Hanley's past work as an HIV/AIDS technical advisor for Catholic Relief Services informs his specialized view of HIV prevention and influences his extensive writings on the AIDS crisis. The National Catholic Bioethics Center is proud to have published one of his earliest works on the AIDS epidemic: Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS: What Africa Can Teach the West and the NCBC is glad to see that Mr. Hanley's dedicated work continues to receive accolades in the public forum.

Matthew Hanley, M.P.H.

In support of Mr. Hanley's popular work, and in light of his recent success in Santa Barbara, the NCBC is offering Mr. Hanley's book at a discount for a limited time. From now until December 15th, you can take advantage of this offer by heading to the NCBC store and entering the promo code hanley2013 at checkout.

Whether you were present at the CMA conference and saw Matthew Hanley speak, or you have simply had the desire to learn more about what can be done to stop the tragedy of AIDS, you should visit the NCBC Store and pick up your copy of Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS today.


Congratulations Matthew!

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