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Monday, March 17, 2014

NCBC Ethicist Publishes New Article: Pope Francis Affirms Natural Marriage

Pope Francis is a most beloved Pontiff and his every word and deed garners unparalleled attention and interest. When our Holy Father speaks, however, he often does so with the candid and extemporaneous flair that has been his hallmark. As a result, the passionate and often nuanced words of Pope Francis are being referenced and interpreted constantly in the media, with varying degrees of success and clarity.

NCBC Staff Ethicist, John A. Di Camillo, has cut through some confusion, however, in his new article titled: Pope Francis Affirms Natural Marriage, Not Same-Sex Unions. In the piece, John applies his Italian fluency (he translated the NCBC publication Personalist Bioethics from its original Italian) and his knowledge of the nuances in ethics and language to tackle recent interpretations and sensationalized misapprehensions of Francis' stance on marriage and same-sex unions following the Pope's interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on March 5th.

You can read the entire piece on the NCBC website, HERE.

NCBC Staff Ethicist, John A. Di Camillo, Be.L.

Thank you John!

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