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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Arrivals

Before we begin our regular and rigorous treatment of the myriad of topics we encounter every day here at the NCBC, it is high time we bring our readers up to date on a little internal news.

We are happy to have welcomed two new members to our staff this Summer:

Deacon John Hunter was chosen to be the new Executive Vice President of the NCBC in July, 2012. Prior to working at the NCBC, Deacon Hunter was the Executive Director of the Office of Development for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He directed all major fundraising efforts within the Archdiocese, including The John Neumann Stewards, The annual Catholic Charities Appeal, Planned Giving, The Cardinals Christmas Party for Children, and the Heritage of Faith/Vision of Hope Capital Campaign. During his Diocesan work, Deacon Hunter was responsible for the Archdiocese's distribution of 2.2 million dollars in scholarship funds to families in need in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Before his time with the Diocese, Deacon Hunter was the President of J.E. Caldwell & Co. Jewelers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was responsible for sales and operations of 9 retail stores in the Tri-State area. Before that time, Deacon Hunter was Vice President of Tiffany and Co. and he opened the first Tiffany's store in Philadelphia. John Hunter was ordained a Permanent Deacon in 2002 and celebrated his 10th anniversary as a deacon this summer. The NCBC is so grateful for John Hunter's presence here, and for his unflagging labor as he helps guide NCBC through her day to day financial affairs and operation. Deacon Hunter is a jewelry and watch enthusiast, and regales us with tales of beautiful chronometers you would have to see to believe.

Our other new arrival is Father Pau Agulles. He is a visiting scholar at the NCBC and he has been with us since the beginning of September. We are ecstatic to have him here and his presence brings us a delightful dose of humor, thought provoking conversation, and captivating anecdotes told in the compelling manner that only Continental Europeans can seem to imitate. He is a blessing to us here. Feel free to read more about Father Pau in Other Contributors. We are excited to have him working with the NCBC and he will be posting here when he is able.

I have the pleasure of interviewing Father Pau later this week, and I am pleased to report that his interview will be available shortly thereafter. I hope you look forward to hearing his trenchant and informative perspective as much as I.

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  1. Welcome, Father.

    I wonder if you will be making any statements for pharmacists that give guidance on the ethics of dispensing of medications? Like viagra for extramarital affairs? Or, when it is appropriate to deny dispensing narcotics to known drug abusers.