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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

READ IT! -- Article Concerning Criteria for Determination of Death Now Available on the New NCBC OpenAccess Page

In accompaniment to the official statement by the NCBC concerning the Jahi McMath case, Dr. Haas, President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, has asked that a scholarly article he wrote on the subject of Catholic Teaching Regarding the Legitimacy of Neurological Criteria for the Determination of Death be posted for the public on the NCBC Publications Department's OpenAccess page. The document, which is from 2011, covers an enormous number of details concerning brain death and neurological damage and it will be of great help to those seeking further information on this topic.

The NCBC's new OpenAccess page offers documents often requested by our clients or those of general interest to the public. They are presented, free of charge, The National Catholic Bioethics Center. The offerings there 'rotate' occasionally, so please check back regularly to view new material.

Please take some time to read the Official Statement of the NCBC on Jahi McMath, and then, for more information, head to Dr. Haas's article on the OpenAccess page today.

And please, continue to pray for the McMath family and for all those who are faced with such pain and tragedy.

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