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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BREAKING -- The NCBC Releases Official Statement on Determination of Death and the Jahi McMath Case

On the heels of the NCBC's media commentary regarding Jahi McMath, Dr. Haas and the Ethicists at the National Catholic Bioethics Center have released an official statement regarding Catholic teaching on the determination of death and Jahi McMath:

An excerpt from the piece makes it clear that, while: "The National Catholic Bioethics Center cannot address the accuracy of the facts of the case of Jahi McMath since we have not been a party to the case," nonetheless:

"This tragic situation provides an opportunity for the Center to make clear the teaching of the Catholic Church on the question of the determination of death using neurological criteria.  Some media commentators have presented this situation as evidence of the opposition between faith and science since the mother professes to be a devout Christian and believes her daughter can be restored with God’s miraculous intervention.  However, the determination of death by the rigorous application of the neurological criteria is considered legitimate by the Catholic Church..."

You can read the full statement on the main NCBC website, HERE.

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